Personal Interest


I love dancing. I used to dance traditional Chinese dance for 10 years, then I changed my genre to hip-hop and jazz. By the way, I’m also a k-pop fanatic. Now I’m the beginner and intermediate hip-hop choreographer in Orange Pulse Dance Troupe at Syracuse University, I really enjoy leading more people into hip-hop.


I love singing. I joined in BUPT Philharmonic Chorus at Beijing University of Posts & Communications during my undergraduate. I really enjoy singing with others and bring people euphony.



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I love painting. Though I’m not a professional artist, I enjoy the process of painting, and feel proud of myself every time when I see my work pieces. I think it is also one of the reasons why I like design and why I want to dive into HCI field.


 Travelling & Climbing
Travelling is indispensable to me. I like to see different landscapes in different places no matter it is a natural landscape, historic figure or cultural heritage. I wish I could travel around the world someday. Besides, I like all kinds of museums, which is the reason why I love Washington DC so much (free museums everywhere!). I would visit most of the museums in the cities I travel to.

Climbing is my favorite sport (if it is one kind of sports). I like challenging myself, so I keep climbing for 5-10 hours then overlook the whole mountain after sweating all over. Now I’ve climbed Taishan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain and Huashan Mountain in China. I plan to go to Zhangjiajie in the summer of 2017.

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