Final Project Progress

The biggest challenge for my final project which I’ve also mentioned in my poster is the insufficient sample data. Since lurkers are hard-to-involve online population (Andrews, Nonnecke & Preece, 2003), it is very difficult to collect enough data online. Based on my collected data so far, almost 70% of the participants are active Facebook users. Thus, the correlation analysis would be inaccurate, especially the related personality to high lurking level. I’m still figuring out how to narrow down my online participants to lurkers on Mturk. I thought I could set a limitation on Mturk. However, Jenny said I shouldn’t mention “lurker” or “lurking” online, because these words are easily interpreted as negative words. Or, I could expand the recruitment to improve the lurkers participation, which is not applicable to me since I cannot afford the cost at all.

Then, I decides to utilize Mabi and Li Chen’s method: send questionnaire links on Facebook. I would have a further step: pre-select the participants. I would look into some Facebook groups and mark the lurkers, and then send them my link for help. I think personal message might be useful to get lurkers involved. My target is to collect 30 data from lurkers.

Since it is the last blog I write for IST700, I would like to talk about what I’ve learned so far. Though I will be a PhD student this fall, I think I know little about research. That is the reason why I want to take this course in my last semester. I felt it very difficult to catch up with other students in the first several classes. One reason is my poor listening, the other reason also the main reason is that I don’t understand their certain terms, methodologies, especially in philosophy..really strange to me.  Thanks to IST700, I start to learn about them as they are crucial to my future research.  By doing assignments and readings, I have a brand new understanding about writing, especially professional writing. Finally, the class discussion gives me the chance to know others’ fresh ideas and shows me the possibility of interdisciplinary.

Thanks Jenny for her great instruction, and thanks all my classmates for their great work this semester. Hope you have a bright future of research.

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