Search Engine as Research Machine?

Actually, I never regard search engine as a research method in the past, and I still hold this view except the research topic is about searching or search engine.

Search engine is a good tool for me to get some info quickly before the research. After I get enough information via various websites online, I could also download some literature via search engines.

When talking about what research could be done based on search engine, I’m pretty interested in people’s behavior on search engine. Like we discussed this Monday, though most people would use search engine box to search websites, I’d like to type weblink directly. Famous websites like,,, www., or even brief (you dont need to type 3w actually). These links are very easy to type, then you could easily press enter to these webs. Why am I different? Actually I don’t know. My reason is very simple: since I’m typing on the keyboard, I don’t want to change to mouse or screenpatch. It will cost me 5 more secs for operation, and 5 secs or so for loading one more page (searching).

My research always generated from my daily life. You could see that my final project topic is lurking. I’m a lurker, and I might only post once a month in average. I think it worth me to think about what other think of lurking.

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